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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A is for Apple.  Food #6.  This was also our first fruit!!  He didn't just eat it up or carry on like I thought he would.  I guess because it was his first "sweet" something that he would just go nuts over it but...not so much. 


My what big eyes you have!  That's right WOLF...It's because my baby boy likes carrots, food #5.  HAHA!  Surprisingly Roper has really taken to carrots well!  I'm sad to say that my pictures all pretty much look the same from food to food and I don't know what I was thinking by NOT taking photos of the end result after each new food.  I mean, I'm only a mom.  I can't remember...evvvvvverything!  :)  We have been videoing each new food so I hope to get little clips added on here soon.  In the meantime enjoy our carrot pictures...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Buds & Babydolls

Let's take a break from food for a sec...

Since having Roper one thing Curt and I have been pretty consistent about is making sure we each have our own "me" time.  That time for Curt is usually being able to watch a game of some sort.  For me that time is spent in our garage...making a {fun} mess of whatever I can get my hands on.  After accumulating several different creations I decided that I would come up with a name for all of my messes!  Buds & Babydolls was what I decided on.  My mom helped me come up with the name.  When my brother and I were little, like lots of other little kids, we had nicknames that our family members called us.  To this day my brother and I are still referred to Bud and Babydoll {sometimes}.  I think it's a cute and distinctive name!  What do you think?   Here are some old window panels and an old shutter I turned into message boards.  There are also a few of my frames.  These can be purchased at Era 1932 in Tupelo, MS.  I'm super excited and thankful to Holli, the owner, for allowing me to have a few of my crafts in her super cool boutique!  If you see something you like in these few pictures...I'd be happy to create a fun mess for you!   

Sweet Potatoes

Squash was food #4.  I slacked on these pictures for whatever reason...but still a happy baby nonetheless...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas was lucky food number #2.  We introduce a new food to him every 4 days.  He's really being a champ about trying out all the new things going on in his little tummy.  Considering that I was trying to start with what I thought was the most unappetizing, green beans, I think I might should have started with sweet peas.  My friend Lauren had described the smell of sweet peas to dirt.  I agree with her.  HAHA...anyhoo...despite the smell, sweet peas had to be conquered.  Surprisingly he ate them and didn't frown as much as I would have!  So proud of my little Roper Man!!


let's just get this over with

i think i'm kinda excited thumb still tastes better

i like getting dirty

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Food #2?  Squash...So, after the terrible green beans I wanted to go to another color but still in the veggie family.  We're doing all veggies first!  I LOVE squash so hopefully Roper will love squash too!  I think the squash went a little better than the green beans!

"REALLY?  You want to do this AGAIN?"

at least he's comfy in his highchair

um...this is a little better...i think

oh hey...

ok so this isn't THAT bad...


For New Year's Eve Curt and I went to the Miller's house for a little firework action!  I work with Bryan so when he told me about his MILLER/WILSON Firework Show we knew we just had to go!  I was a little apprehensive about the loud noise and how Roper would deal with that but he did great!!  There were other kids there way older that got a little scared and cried some but Roper seemed amazed at the bright lights!  Curt and I enjoyed ourselves, too and give the MILLER/WILSON production a two thumbs up!

all bundled up ready for the show to begin


i LOVE this picture.  he just looks so in awe!

he's excited about his best year ever to get started!


daddy and roper man

momma and roper man

ready for 2012 with my family!